'Greek' problems plague Godard

2010-05-17 12:41

Cannes - French New Wave icon Jean-Luc Godard, whose Socialisme screens on Monday at Cannes, will probably not turn up for a scheduled press conference due to "problems of the Greek type".

Godard said in a fax to festival director Thierry Fremaux that "I will go to my death with the festival, but I will not take a single step more," Fremaux told AFP, confirming a report in Liberation newspaper.

Godard said in the fax that his absence was due to "problems of the Greek type", but did not elaborate, according to a copy of the fax printed in the paper.

Fremaux said Godard had followed up that mysterious message with another fax containing an extract from a poem.

"I am now waiting to see if indeed he will be there or not for the press conference scheduled for 14:00 after the projection of his film," Fremaux added.

Godard, who sprang to fame in 1960 with Breathless, was one of a group of filmmakers who in 1968, in the middle of a student revolt gripping France, helped shut down the festival here.

His 2010 Cannes press conference had been expected to be one of the highlights of the festival.

Trailers of Socialisme, which is in a sidebar competition at the festival, have been viewable for the past month online. One trailer shows the entire film accelerated into a couple of minutes.

  • Esther Mitsis - 2010-05-18 18:05

    Dear Sirs,
    Why don't you include the whole letter of such a Giant person? The letter that he sent to Cannes saying that he didn't attend because he cannot tolerate the attitude towards Greece, that Greece should have asked years ago hundreds of thousands of money from all Europe and other countries, for everything that is used in science, philosophy, business and so much more AS JEAN LUC GODAR WROTE. How all Europe and all the world live today behind Aristotelis, Solon, Platon, and so much more AS JEAN LUC GODAR WROTE.
    His letter is bigger but I believe that this can express my thoughts.
    Thanking you dear sirs,
    Esther Mitsis and VERY PROUD TO BE GREEK!
    Managing Director
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