Affleck 'threatened' woman

2003-10-06 11:36

North Carolina - A US woman said on Sunday that actor Ben Affleck followed her as she drove home last month and threatened to hurt her.

Tara Ray of Kure Beach, North Carolina, on Saturday swore out a warrant accusing Benjamin Geza Affleck of Beverly Hills, California, of communicating threats.

The police department "has not and is currently not investigating Mr Affleck for any crime," police said. "This warrant was taken out by a private citizen."

Ray said an attorney advised her not to discuss the events she is alleging. She declined to name the attorney.

Ray declined to describe the content of the threat she received on September 25 or how it was communicated to her. She said the incident occurred in Kure Beach.

"I honestly believed my life was in danger," Ray said. "I'm not out for the publicity part. I just wanted it to be known in the public that he's very capable of doing this to me."

Ray said she has had a romantic relationship with Affleck since February 2002.

Affleck, 31, shared a writing Oscar with Matt Damon for Good Will Hunting and has been a tabloid news fixture because of his engagement to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

A spokesperson for the actor has denied the woman's claims.