'My penis is too small'

2005-12-01 13:52

London - Pete Doherty says one of the reasons Kate Moss dumped him is because he has a small willy.

Kate dumped him after he quit rehab in the United States she had paid for reports The Sun.

Doherty, 26, signed up to a five-week art therapy course at The Meadows in Arizona but got bored and jetted home.

The Babyshambles singer said the real reason behind the split was "I can't buy her diamonds and my dick is too small. p>"I never know where I stand with her. It's either a black eye or a love-bite. It's like being in Afghanistan with her. I wish I could find some middle ground.

"I thought I'd be able to do five weeks. But if I'm honest, my head would have exploded. I only stuck at it because she paid for it."

Pete was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of possessing crack cocaine. He is due to return to the police station in London on December 10. -