Wife's pubic hair torture

2003-02-10 13:18

Lusaka - A lazy Zambian housewife had to be rescued from three vengeful grannies last week after they stripped her naked, pinched her thighs and then plucked out all her pubic hair.

The gang of grannies, known as Alangizi, apparently resorted to torture when 18-year-old Sharon Mwanjila was disrespectful to her new mother-in-law and refused to clean up after her husband.

"My mother-in-law dragged me to the Alangizi at 06:00 in the morning, and then watched as the grannies ordered me to strip off all my clothes. Once I was naked, they started pinching my thighs and pulling my pubic hair out. It was very painful, and soon started bleeding," said a still tearful Mwanjila.

"When I complained, they poured salt on my injuries, and then poured hot water too."

When the terrified woman carried on crying, the grannies sent her to bed without food. They then allegedly woke her early the next morning, and continued plucking her pubic hair until she was totally bald.

"They also made me lick their feet, and kiss my mother-in-law's feet to apologise for being rude," sobbed Mwanjila.

Mwanjila's husband eventually heard about the abduction and torture, and ransomed his traumatised wife back from the Alangizi for about R130.

When Mwanjila's aunt, Fanelli Mulilwa, saw the extent of her injuries, she immediately called in the Mutendere village police to arrest the grannies. - African Eye News Service