Egoli 'baddie' getting hitched

2005-10-02 22:00

Johannesburg - The bachelor days of David Vlok, the actor who played Tim Vorster in Egoli, are numbered. The woman who stole the 42-year-old actor's heart is a pretty attorney from Johannesburg, Anna Kordas.

They've known each other for eight years and have been living together for four years.

"We've always been too busy. Egoli took up a lot of my time, and Anna was busy with the law.

"But after my 13 years Egoli, we have decided to get married.

We got engaged in March, and plan to get married on January 7 next year," he said.

Vlok and Kordas met in a limosine at a party.

"It was love at first sight. I asked her number and said I would phone her.

"I did, and now we are going to get married. We are going to stop living in sin," he joked.

The couple plan on starting a family soon.

"If Eckard Rabe (Chris Edwards in Egoli) could have his first child at 50, there's nothing to stop me from doing the same," he said.