Mall suing Pitch Black Afro

2006-04-17 14:21

Johannesburg - The hip-hop/kwaito enfant terrible Pitch Black Afro, who boasted about smoking dagga recently, has been slapped with a claim involving thousands of rands by Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg for malicious damage to property.

The musician, whose real name is Thulane Ncgobo, apparently broke a window, tables and chairs while assaulting a fan, Motlatsi Mafatshe, at the premiere after-party of Oscar award-winning movie Tsotsi in Rosebank in February.

It is alleged the artist lost his cool when Mafatshe asked when he would release his second album.

Instead of answering him, Pitch Black Afro, of the big Afro-wig and Ntofontofo fame, apparently unleashed a flurry of punches, sending Mafatshe to the ground.

Ghetto Ruff boss Lance Sterh confirmed they had received a claim from the mall, but said they wouldn't pay.

"They are demanding between R5 000 and R10 000 for the property they say he damaged during the fight. But we won't pay. We will simply pass it on to him," he said.

Confusion about contracts

Pitch Black Afro said he was surprised at the claim as he was trying to separate people from fighting.

"I don't know what they are talking about," he said.

A source said Ghetto Ruff refused to pay the claim because Pitch Black Afro signed a contract with a rival stable while he was still contracted to them.

The award-winning sensation signed a contract with Intyme Incl, home to enigmatic kwaito megastar Mandoza.

Sterh confirmed that Pitch Black Afro signed a contract with Intyme Incl, but said that had nothing to do with their decision not pay the claim on his behalf.

"They have sent the claim to us in the hope that we will pay on his behalf and deduct it in instalments from his royalties.

"But, this is an individual claim and he has to pay for himself.

"And, as far as we are concerned, he still owes us one album.

'Trying to iron things out'

"We have been holding talks with Intyme about this matter and I hope we will reach an agreement soon," he said.

Pitch Black Afro confirmed he had signed a contract with Intyme Inc, but denied that he was still contracted to Ghetto Ruff.

His producer DJ Cleo of Will of Steel Production confirmed that Pitch Black Afro still owed Ghetto Ruff an album.

"But this matter is complicated and we are talking to him to try to iron things out," he said.