Mimi's star shines bright

2003-01-15 11:46

Cape Town - What does Mimi Coertse have in common with film star James Dean, pop star Madonna and royal star Queen Elizabeth II?

She has just been told that similar to the above mentioned luminaries a star has been named after her.

"Onse Mimi" is set to shine on for ever. All of this has been arranged by Austrian friends without Coertse's knowledge.

"I never knew one could do something like this, but I think it's fantastic. It's a big honour," Coertse said on Tuesday.

Her South African friends don't believe her when she tells them there is a star in heaven bearing her name. They only make stupid jokes like: "But you are already a star!"

What is the significance for her?

"Firstly, that I'm not dead to the music public in Austria. Secondly: After everything else has vanished, there will still be a Mimi Coertse in the sky."

An Austrian friend, author Elfride Werthan visited Coertse a week ago. "It appears the star was registered on September 24 and Elfi came specially to tell me about it. She also brought along a certificate."

The star is visible in the southern hemisphere, Coertse says. She was also given a chart of the heavens, showing all the different stars.

And what is the size of her star exactly? "There's a huge spot, indicating my star," she answered while laughing.

Tongue twister Sagittarius RA 18h 56m 14,74's DZ25Vsu0W has fortunately now been replaced with a simple, Mimi Coertse.