Noot vir Noot notches 400

2007-09-14 09:35

Johannesburg - Johan(n), squared. Two men, Johan and Johann, are the recipe for the success of the musical games show Noot vir Noot which has just notched its 400th episode.

SABC2's most successful TV-games show this week celebrated 16 years and 30 series on air with an historic taping.

"Johan squared (Van Rensburg and Stemmet), that works for us," Mathe Mosito, SABC2 marketing manager said after the show had been recorded.

The channel announced on Wednesday evening that the musical games show had consistently been on the top-10 programmes list, during the past decade.

Johan Stemmet, the presenter, and Johann van Rensburg, who heads the Musiekfabriek orchestra, create and produce the show.

"Very few people know it, but there's a waiting list of people wanting to be in the Noot vir Noot audience," Mosito said.

'All the elements of a good games show'

She said over the years the programme had become a place where families met and socialised.

"That's because Noot vir Noot contains all the elements of a good games show.

"Some of the best artists are featured on stage, it's entertaining and it spans multi-cultural race- and age groups.

In a first for Noot vir Noot, 20 artists who have been on the show over the years on Wednesday night sang a 20-minute selection of melodies on the special show.

Stemmet said the taping was very special and they were immensely proud of this milestone.

After recording the show, Van Rensburg en Stemmet shared the proud moment in TV history at a dinner with the singers and SABC2 staff.

Steve Hofmeyr, Juanita du Plessis, Leon Schuster, Dozi, Jannie Moolman, Carike Keuzenkamp, Rina Hugo, Sonja Herholdt, André Schwartz, Anneli van Rooyen, Lance James, the Bala brothers, Kurt Darren and Nicholis Louw were among those who took part in the extravaganza.

Contestants in the special edition included Jurie Els, the first Noot vir Noot winner, Zelda Meyer, its unbeaten champion and Daantjie (Dinamiet) Badenhorst, all previous winners.

The 400th episode will be aired on Friday December 7.

The Noot vir Noot set was also spruced up and given a few new touches.

Stemmet registered the Noot vir Noot concept a few years ago and a London television channel has already broadcast its own version of the show.