Pilgrim axed from 5fm

2003-11-17 08:23

Johannesburg - Bald-headed Mark Pilgrim, who has been working for 5fm for the past eight years, received his marching orders last week.

A statement issued by the station says Pilgrim's contract has been terminated because of breach of contract and issues of trust.

Station manager John Langford says: "We have strict programme policies, which have to satisfy both advertisers and listeners. Mark didn't comply with the policies. At the heart of the matter is a programming matter."

Langford says he doesn't think the station will suffer as a result of Pilgrim's dismissal.

"5fm is a strong commercial brand and doesn't consist only of personalities. I'm confident that we will get a replacement soon."

Pilgrim says management asked him not to talk about the romance between fellow DJs Nicole Fox and Gareth Cliff on air, but he did it anyway.

"They will want to hide that fact and think I should disappear from the radar screen. I admit that I'm guilty, but I'm from the old school of DJs like Alex Jay and Darren Scott, where it was expected of us not to listen to management. This episode was just waiting to happen with the new management," he said.

Pilgrim, who overcame cancer in the testicles, is optimistic about his future after 5fm.