SA celebs strip for charity

2007-02-16 09:14

Cape Town - Eighteen South African celebrities stripped down to the bare minimum for Marie Claire magazine's Each One Reach One Campaign to raise funds for the fight against HIV/Aids.

The editor of Marie Claire SA, Kate Wilson told news24 on Thursday that it wasn't an easy task to convince celebrities to strip for charity.

"Some of the celebrities we approached to pose naked declined right off.

"Others who had agreed to be photographed with strategically-placed props later changed their minds and withdrew permission for their pictures to appear - which only goes to demonstrate the nerve and selflessness of those who went all the way."

"It's exactly that kind of unconditional commitment that is needed to fight Aids," she added.

The list of celebrities who dared to bare all for charity is quite impressive:

  • Lisa and Michelle Cowley, models

  • Hlubi Mboya, actress in Isidingo

  • Kuli Roberts, assistant editor and Sunday World columnist

  • Cokey Falkow, comedian

  • Candice Derman, actress in Scandal

  • Bridget Masinga, actress and host of Temptation SA

  • Nzinga Qunta, model

  • Tim Horwood, producer, presenter and actor

  • Justine Drake, celebrity foodie

  • Heath Nash, product designer and SA creative entrepreneur of the Year

  • Masechaba Dlengezele, former Miss SA Teen

  • 3 Bored white guys, country rockabilly band

  • Unathi Nkayi, songwriter, singer and DJ

  • Thuli Sithole, Miss South Africa 2005

    'We wanted to inspire people to act'

    "Our intention with the naked project was to raise eyebrows in order to raise awareness and funds," says Kate.

    "With so much exposure to the effects of poverty, South Africans can become inured to these issues, so we wanted to do something that would attract attention and inspire people to act."

    Each of the beautiful black and white portraits, taken by well-known SA photographer Richard Keppel-Smith, will be auctioned and the money raised donated to the Treatment Action Campaign.

    These nude portraits have been profiled in a specially sealed section of the February 2007 issue of Marie Claire magazine and readers have until the 1st of March 2007 to do their bit for charity and place a bid on their portrait of choice - bidding starts at R1000.

    'Chilled wine to settle everyone's nerves'

    Describing the three-day shoot which took place in Cape Town and Jo'burg, Lori Cohen, assistant editor of Marie Claire said it was a challenge for both those in front and behind the camera, but that everyone stepped up for the good cause.

    "Some of the guys did press-ups before the shoot to buff up their bodies and Hlubi psyched herself up by running around the studio screaming.

    "Beautiful and confident actress Candice Derman surprised us with her nervousness and was literally shaking in her birthday suit.

    Bridget Masinga and the 2-metre boa constrictor

    "The bravest of them all was Bridget Masinga of Temptation SA, who wasn't fazed when we presented her with a 2-metre boa constrictor.

    "The snake-tamer warned her that it could sense her pulse rate going up so she had to relax during the shoot - whenever she felt nervous it tightened its grip.

    Strawberries and whipped cream for perfect 'coverage'

    "Our favourite celeb foodie Justine Drake arrived armed with whipped cream, strawberries and dozens of props to use for "coverage" and we whipped out a bottle of chilled wine to help settle everyone's nerves.

    "The results were astounding. Comedian Cokey Falkow knows not to take himself too seriously and took it in his stride, while the beautiful Cowley sisters' toned physiques silenced the set.

    "Even make-up artist Renee pitched in and donated her fee to the TAC, which we thought, was a beautiful gesture."

    Get involved

    Readers who are interested in making a bid can do it through the Marie Claire magazine or by contacting Lori Cohen at or 021-464 6292 by 1 March 2007.

    • Tshediso - 2007-02-16 10:20

      This is a stone's throw away from having sex to raise AIDS awareness. How are we to teach people that women are not sexual objects for anybody to druel over if we applaude nudity. I admire the intention but the method is flawed and it can even promote the very promiscuity, lust, and immorality that AIDS thrives on. Really, these so called "celebs" should know better. SIES.

    • neo setuke - 2007-02-16 12:07

      degration of morality,lack of self-respect,can you imagine if kids related to those celebs were to see these?There are so many ways to raise funds and awareness.

    • manicm - 2007-02-16 12:28

      The organisers and participants should really know better. Do i really want to see any Isidingo actress nude? Do I? Does anybody else feel compelled to? Come on! This is no Pirelli Calendar. And they want us to pay for this? I have nothing against charity, but please don't insult the hard-earning public like this.

    • Liesie Agenbach - 2007-02-16 12:39

      Surely this is not the way to fight aids. We want to get people to respect their bodies and not live in promiscuity, and this is the message that is send out to society??? It is immorality that aids thrive upon, do not promote this further. It just shows how sick and clouded the views of society have grown. I hope this is not a selfish way of Marie Claire magazine to get cheap publicity.

    • Hugh - 2007-02-16 12:58

      Congratulations to all who were brave enough to strip for a worthy cause. What have all the moaners done for this cause? I can't wait to get the Mag and see my absolute favourate Bridget Masinga. I think she is just beautiful. Well done to Marie Claire magazine for taking the initiative.

    • Dirk - 2007-02-16 19:58

      Well done, i can't wait to see the artistic photo's. And for all of u who do not agree, u don't have to look at it.

    • VINCENT NAZO - 2007-02-19 07:57


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