Steve: Janine had an obsession

2008-01-23 09:31

Johannesburg - Steve Hofmeyr wrote in his blog on Tuesday that he is "for the first time looking forward to the court case" and was sorry he "couldn't sell tickets" for it.

He told "Platterfuss, Jacques and others": "This is not reality TV. You cannot vote me off. Or make me do backward summersaults and explain personal data to you.

"My private weaknesses are clearly great fun, but apart from the fact that I fell in love with someone else and have to explain that to Natasha (Sutherland, his wife), I owe you nothing.

"If your regarded me as a moral giant before, you deserve your stupidity surplus."

'Pathological obsession'

Hofmeyr also said he hoped the "pathological obsession" (the "promises, house, engagement ring, abortion, ten years and chewing gum") of Janine van der Vyver, a fitness instructor from Pretoria who revealed in Rapport on Sunday that she and Hofmeyr had allegedly been lovers for at least 10 years, would "surface again".

Hofmeyr said when he married Sutherland, Van der Vyver was "not at all" a factor in his life.

"I have known her for 10 years. Only five years ago I knew it had gone too far. We broke up monthly until 2006."

New legal advisor

He said he met Van der Vyver three times during December - among others in the presence of attorneys.

Meanwhile, Van der Vyver was planning to appoint a new legal advisor or had already done so.

Her initial legal advisor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he got a request out of the blue that other attorneys would take over the case, reported Susan Cilliers.

He said he and his client had no differences, and that the new attorneys had already fetched Van der Vyver's file from his office on January 11.

Van der Vyver 'to change her claim'

By late on Tuesday these new attorneys had not been identified.

Hofmeyr's legal advisor, Peet Viljoen, said Van der Vyver was planning to change her claim.

She sued Hofmeyr for breach of contract in mid 2007 after he allegedly failed to keep his promises to buy her a house and to support her financially until she could establish her own fitness studio.

"Van der Vyver is claiming something not even a wife who is married outside community of property has a right to," said Viljoen.

He said the Hofmeyrs were "not at all" considering divorce.