Zoid ties the knot

2004-01-12 08:53

Johannesburg - Relaxed, at her father's home, among friends and family. That is how Karen Zoid wanted her wedding to be this past weekend.

"I'm on the road so often that I wanted to use this opportunity to relax," she says.

Zoid married her guitar player, Don Reinecke at her father, Rynie Greeff's holiday home near George. There were about 40 guests, some of them fellow musicians.

Albert Frost, former guitar player for Valiant Swart and member of New Porn, played the wedding march on his electric guitar. Theo Crous, former Springbok Nude Girls member, who now plays for KOBUS, was her "flower girl", complete with flowers in his hair.

Zoid wore a black trouser suit that she'll wear when formal attire is required during their honeymoon - a Caribbean Island cruise. "I didn't want to do the whole thing to specially go and look for a dress," she says.

Her father and stepmother will be with them on the cruise, but they are first going to London where Greeff lives.

After the cruise they're going to the US to go and "listen to country in Nashville, visit the Jack Daniels distillery and go on roller coaster rides".

Zoid says the reception following the wedding had been a quiet get-together of family, friends and musicians who used the opportunity to jam a little.

"I was a bit nervous," Reinecke says, "exactly like before a performance. You are always a bit nervous about the sequence of events."

Although his bride wasn't wearing a traditional wedding dress, she still took his breath away. "The photographs didn't really do Karen justice. She had never looked more beautiful. It's a wonderful feeling. I encourage everyone to get married."