Scandal! actress Gcina Nkosi reveals how she managed to get into showbiz after dropping out of varsity

Some of the Scandal! storylines are similar to Gcina's real life experiences.


This is what you can expect on Muvhango.

Spicy mabela shortbread with chocolate sauce

Anything with chocolate will surely leave your mouthwatering.

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Manaka Ranaka reveals why she won’t spank her kids like her mother did to her

Manaka has adopted a different style of raising her kids from that of her parents.

'Just like my father walked out on my mother, all the men in my life have walked out on me too'

This woman has not had luck in the relationship department and she has figured the reason for that.

Move! launches #StrongerTogether for rape and domestic violence survivors to share their stories

We will tell the moving stories of rape and domestic violence survivors in our magazine, on our website and social platforms, as well as highlight the work of those working to help support women in need.

‘My step-father raped me and gave me HIV’ – A survivor’s story

We are survivors and we are #StrongerTogether

SOAPIE PREVIEW: Generations: The Legacy

This is what you can expect on Generations: The Legacy.

Peppermint crisp chocolate pudding

We combined a saucy chocolate pudding with Peppermint Crisp tart for a surefire winner.

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7 steps to deal with workplace anxiety

It is so easy for work life to affect all other areas of your life.


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Baked amasi pudding with caramel banana

This dessert is simply one of the best you'll ever taste.

Nhanhla Nciza looks radiant following split from TK Nciza

The divorce has not stopped Nhlanhla from living her best life.

Hulisani Ravele on her traumatic experience at a cemetery: ‘I imagined so many scenarios’

Hulisani doesn't feel safe as a woman after horrific stories of women disappearing, raped and murdered.

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How 3 of SA’s most famous families rose to fame

Here’s how these influential families rose to fame.

Twitter users react to Concourt ruling against spanking children

Parents who spank their kids could face jail time.

Why Toya Delazy choses to wear pants over dresses

Toya Delazy is expressing her femininity on her own terms.

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The Throne’s Monnye Kunupi on being single and her daring character

While Monnye might be single, she’s also a firm believer in the power and importance of love.

TV presenter Kamo Bombe on her rise to fame: ‘I lost weight to get jobs’

Kamo was not only making it in showbiz, but she also got a poultry farm off the ground.