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By admin
29 January 2014

Thinking of getting a hair cut ? Check out these sexy short hair looks and tips on staying feminine .

Cutting your hair into a short style doesn't mean you have to look like a boy . Celebrities like Solange Knowels  , Sindi Dlathu and Liteboho Molise are great examples of the different ways you can wear your short hair and still look fashionable and feminine.

neat afro pintrest       neatly combed short hair can be boring but with flawless make up and great accessories it's a great look for ladies . Having very little going on on your hear means you can go all out on accessories with out being over the top . Having nothing going on on your head also draws more attention to your other features so highlight the good ones with coloured eye-liner , a bold lipstick or a touch of blush .

chrisette mitchele Hair colour is also a great trend this summer because having little hair doesn't have to be boring . Don't be afraid to get bold colours like red or blonde just be sure to get the tone to match your skin tone for example darker skin tones are better suited by copper or bronze instead of bleach blonde .

miss liraThe unkempt look is also very popular although you do need to be careful to make sure your make-up , clothing and accessories are neat and clean to avoid looking dirty .

zikhona sodlaka 2 Many women are afraid to go completely bald but with the right make-up and accessories this look can be awesome . Having absolutely nothing on your head means you can go dramatic with your make up and accessories .

sindi_dlathu_s1 curls add glamour and style to short hair giving it a done up look . It is important though to make sure your curls are done by a professional and you treat them according to the stylists instructions .