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10 minutes with Linda Sibiya Part2

By admin
11 September 2013

What was your first car?

It was a blue Toyota Tazz.

What’s your favourite pet?

I love dogs, although I don’t have one.

What’s your favourite outfit?

I love suits from Carducci, Hugo Boss and Armani, because they bring a statement to my look. Every time I wear a suit, I feel good.

What’s your favourite quote?

“It’s not over until God says it’s over,” by Linda Sibiya.

If you knew today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

I would spend a few hours with my family and then, with the other hours left, I would go to the mountain and pray before I died.

What are you currently reading?

Before You Do, by the bestselling author TD Jakes.

What’s one thing about you that most people don’t know?

I’m a God-fearing man and a prayer warrior.

If you were an animal, what would you be, and why?

An eagle, because I know that I would fly through the storms.

If you were the president for a day, what changes would you make?

Well, a day is not enough, but I would make sure that I introduce a youth minister, who would tackle issues and challenges that affect youth in our country.