10 nail care hacks for the perfect at-home manicure

By Faeza
31 May 2016

1.    If your nails are discoloured, apply whitening toothpaste and scrub lightly with a brush to remove the yellow stains. You can also make your own concoction by mixing lemon juice and baking soda together.

2.    Can’t draw a straight line? Use sellotape to add a fun nail art effect to your nails.

3.    Scenario: by accident you’ve smudged your wet nail polish. Argh! Do not fret or remove all your polish, lick your nail to repair the blotch instead. Sounds crazy right, but it works and according to Hot Beauty Health all you need to do is lick and blend. Your saliva reacts with your nail polish and softens it, which allows you to cover the slip-up.

NOTE: Do not swallow or digest.

4.    Although glitter nails look amazing, removing the rough particles can be such a hassle. A simple technique is to saturate some acetone into a cotton wool and wrap it around your nails, while securing it with foil. Twist before removing it and the glitter should come off with ease.

5.    A quick way to dry your nails is by dunking them in a bowl of cold water or by simply putting your hand under the cold faucet. This should happen two minutes after applying your nail polish.

6.    Fix a broken nail by snipping a piece of teabag and applying it onto the wound, sealing it with a top coat.

7.    To avoid messing nail polish all over your nails, use Vaseline or tape as borders so you don’t have to clean the edges.

8.    Apply a base coat before painting your nails, as this prevents discolouration and will make your nail polish last longer.

9.    Make your own dotting tool by using a pin or toothpick to make dots and patterns on your nails.

10.    Achieve the matte effect by holding your freshly painted nails over a glass of boiling water, the vapour will give your nails that effect.