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10 security tips that can prevent ATM-related crimes PART 2

By Faeza
24 November 2015

“ATM theft is one of the most prevalent financial crimes that occur at this time,” says Nitesh Patel, Head of Customer Financial Solutions, Personal Banking at Standard Bank. “While banks work tirelessly throughout the year and even more so during the festive season to ensure that customer accounts remain safe, consumers must remain vigilant.”

According to Mr Patel, the most effective weapon against ATM-based fraud is to be alert and informed

  1. Always be on the look-out for criminals and never accept help from strangers, even if they say they are bank employees or security guards. If someone offers to help you, walk away from the ATM.
  2. Check that the ATM is in a ready and good state. Criminals will typically remove Lost Card and Bank contact details from the ATM to delay you in stopping your card.
  3. Only use ATMs in well-lit, high-traffic areas. If the lights aren't working, don't use that machine.
  4. Have your bank card ready and in your hands. Opening your wallet or purse can be time consuming and provides a potential thief with easier access to your valuables.

Make sure the card you get back from the ATM after your transaction is yours. If it’s not, call your bank immediately to cancel your card.