10 Tips for creating a cosy bathroom

By Faeza
14 April 2016

How to create a cosy bathroom

The bathroom is your place, a zone of peace and quiet. Here are 10 tips on how to make your bathroom into a cosy retreat from Zerona Gerber, head of home décor at Bella Bathrooms:

1. Create a focal point

Introduce an area of visual emphasis that immediately draws attention. For example, you could create a focal point by painting one wall in a striking colour, that contrasts with the rest of the bathroom walls or install a beautiful vanity or stand-alone bath.

2. Trendsetting floor finish

Wood-look tile flooring has become one of the hottest trends. It is easier to maintain than real wood, and it’s extremely durable. The wood look accommodates all bathroom styles from contemporary, modern right through to classical, Victorian and Zen-styled bathrooms.

3. Mirror on the wall

Mirrors add warmth to a bathroom, reflecting natural light and adding a three-dimensional effect. Consider adding a ‘his and her’ mirror to enhance the style and functionality of your bathroom.

Technology has also made it possible to upgrade mirrors and some come with a glass preheat function to prevent fogging. Others may include a hidden monitor which, with the push of a button, turns into a TV screen. There are also models with touch-sensitive buttons that communicate with your phone via Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music without having to leave the bathroom.

4.  Shower

The choice of shower head can enrich the experience. For example, you could install a rain shower head, which simulates the effect of rain. Shower seats have become a popular trend has they allow you to enjoy a shower while resting and can also provide additional storage for toiletries.

Even the shower wall offers many design options to enhance the look of the bathroom. For example, you could introduce a mosaic pattern to the shower.

5.  Lighting

Lighting can set the mood, so choose light fixtures that complement the design theme, and add warmth by using warm toned light bulbs.

A special lighting effect can be achieved by using LED lighting under the vanity or under a bathroom shelf. Recessed ceiling lights are also ideal, especially with dimmers where you are able to set the intensity of the light and create a feeling of cocooned warmth in your bathroom space.

Skylights provide another option, allowing you to enjoy your bathroom experience under the stars or while watching the sun rise.

6. Colours

Colour has a strong impact and can help create a sense of peace, calm and warmth. To create a cosy look, you could use warm autumnal hues, peach, terra-cotta or pink-toned accents.

7.   Towels

Soft, fluffy towels and rugs evoke a sense of cosiness and luxury.

Invest in good quality towels and consider using them to create an inviting display. For example, you could stack them on open shelves. A heated towel rail is another cosy finish that provides the luxury of a warm towel.

When it comes to rugs, venture beyond the traditional bath mat and consider a trendy oriental rug or patterned floor runner. Use a rug pad to give the mat a firm grip and prevent any sliding.

8. Furniture

Having an ottoman or a chair has practical value, allowing you to sit down and relax while you wait for the tub to fill, while some ottomans have the added advantage of doubling up as storage containers.

Occasional furniture also works well in maintaining continuation of style and colour with their novelty lending to the creation of a warm atmosphere.

9. Art

One work of art can add the finishing touch to bathroom. The subject of the painting can also contribute to the overall theme of a warm, inviting room.

You might want to consider soothing sunsets, or water-related themes in an impressionistic style. Abstract paintings also work beautifully, as do black and white prints. Whatever artwork you choose, it should complement the theme and reflect your style.

10.  Home spa essentials

Once you've added all the bathroom updates, it’s only fitting that you get to enjoy some pampering. Spoil yourself with bath salts, lotions, bubble bath, aromatherapy and luxury bath toiletries.

Make a time, at least once a week, when you can soak in the bathtub with a relaxing read and enjoy your cosy bathroom.