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18 petrol saving tips to help slash your fuel bill

By Faeza
05 July 2016


Motorists have endured a series of fuel price hikes since the year started and from midnight on Tuesday will have to fork out more for petrol and diesel.

95 ULP and LRP petrol will increase by 8c/l, while 93 ULP and LRP will go up by 11c/l, while diesel will rise by between 41 and 42 cents, the department of energy announced.

In order to help drive down the cost of fuel, Fin24 asked readers to send us some tips.

Here are 18 fuel saving tips:

1. Fill your tank in the morning.

2. Do away with aggressive driving.

3. Only fill up when it's half tank rather than quarter tank.

4. Your car is not a taxi to ferry friends and unless you plan for those journeys, your friends should fill up.

5. Change to highest gear rather than driving in lowest gear.

6. Service your car regularly.

7. Don't over rev your car.

8. Look for more ways not to travel alone. Carpooling will help a lot, even only one day a week.

9. Drive the minimum required on the road.

10. Don't be hard on brakes.

11. Try not to use aircon.

12. Don't be hard on your accelerator.

13. Check your tyre pressure if it's correct.

14. Keep windows closed.

15. Shop around for diesel prices.

16. Travel at a regular speed (ie don’t repeatedly accelerate and then slow down); use cruise control if you have one.

17. Accelerate downhill and maintain speed on inclines; roll to a stop sign.

18. Get to know the timing of your local traffic lights.

Source: Fin24