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21 years of Soul City

By admin
10 June 2014

In the past 21 years Soul City has been the friend teacher and doctor of communities in South Africa and across the African continent bringing real family and community issues to the forefront. Over the years Soul City has taught us new ways to handle old problems and gave us the courage to talk openly about burning issues society filed away as taboo.

We remember when Patrick Shai, was the cause of disdain in the Soul City community. The community stood together in protest of his abusive behaviour. We remember Sister Bettina the loving matriarch who brought healing and support to so many in Soul City. South African’s remember that Soul City was one of the first drama series to openly speak of HIV/AIDS. Soul City has been a successful medium for both entertainment and education. Education drama, the world over has often had a limited shelf life, but Soul City has kept going for 21 years and continues to grow.

“From 15 July 2014 every Tuesday at 20h30 for 26 weeks, SABC1 will broadcast and bring together the old spirit of Soul City and the new vigour of a new era in Soul City. Soul City 12 merges the old and the new to create a refreshing and powerful message of change and responsibility. The aptly placed broadcast of the series, speaks to the series’ growth and understanding that true change can only take place if communities work together to bring about that change” announced Surekha Singh, public information and social development commissioning editor.