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3 Ways to soften heavy makeup

By Faeza
10 February 2016


Try these tricks if you’re used to applying a full face of makeup every day and you’d like to tone things down ...

  1. Use the proper tools to blend your foundation – it should really be buffed in and not painted onto the skin. Blending ensures you can have full coverage without looking as if you’re wearing a mask.
  2. Soften your eyeliner. Too many harsh lines on your face is equally ageing and unflattering. Use a medium-textured blending brush to smudge your eyeliner for a softened look.
  3. Instead of applying lipstick straight from the tube, dab some lip colour onto your finger and apply it like a lip stain for a less solid colour. Finish it all off with a slick of lip gloss.

source: all4women