4-metre snake found in supermarket fridge

By Faeza
10 April 2017

A merchandiser got a little more than yoghurt when he reached into a fridge and found a chilled snake at the Komatipoort Spar in Mpumalanga on Friday.

The snake, said to be python, was close to four metres in length, Spar manager Martie Esnouf told News24.

"It got stuck in the fridge. It could have come through the roof or the drains, we have a lot of bush behind the shops, and there are snakes there."

She said the snake was freed from the fridge and was now under observation and would be released into the nearby Kruger National Park.

"When a snake ends up in the fridge, its organs start shutting down and it could take up to 48 hours for it to be back to normal," she said.

Instead of driving customers away, the snake seems to have attracted the curious, who want to make sure that the "poor" snake had not been harmed.

"The last thing we would do is hurt the poor python," she said, calling on people not to panic.

The snake invoked mixed reactions on social media on Saturday, with some wondering if it belonged to one of the managers, or was a publicity stunt.

Source: News24