5 beauty uses for lemons

By Faeza
30 August 2016


Lemon water reduces the production of free radicals which are responsible for aging skin and skin damage. Lemon water is calorie free and an antioxidant.

Oral Health

Lemon juice also stops bleeding gums and reduces toothaches

Cleanse Your Face

Zap pimples naturally by putting on a little bit of  lemon juice on blackheads to draw them out during the day. You can also wash your face with lemon juice for a natural cleanse and exfoliation. Your skin should improve after several days of treatment. Lemon water is also a cooling agent, best way to beat the heat.

Treat Flaky Dandruff

If an itchy scalp has been stressing you, lemon is the answer to all your problems. Just massage two tablespoons  of lemon juice into your scalp and rinse it out with water. Then stir one teaspoon lemon of juice into one cup of water and rinse your hair with it. Repeat daily until your dandruff disappears.

Purges The Blood

We tend to consume a lot of junk food or food with a lot of preservatives and artificial flavours. This builds up a lot of toxins in the blood and body but daily consumption of lemon water helps to purify the blood.

*These tips were obtained from Preventdisease.com