5 celebs we miss seeing on our TV screens

By Faeza
09 September 2016

Once we get introduced to new faces on TV we get attached to the people because of the love we have for the job they do. However, when they no longer appear on out TV screens we always wonder what happened to them and what they up to.

These are the top five faces we miss on our TV screens.

1.Pamela Nomvete- Ntsiki Lukhele character on Generation is one that we all would never forget. Everyone was devastated when Pamela Nomvete left Generations. She was Generations' first villain; Pamela was brilliant in playing that character. She made a lot of people’s lives a living hell in Generations.

pamela nomvete

  1. Innocent Masuku- Innocent played Bobo in Yizo Yizo 1, 2 and 3 and went on to play Maradona in Zone 14, since 2005. He played all his characters so well, we wouldn’t mind seeing him back on our TV screens.


2.Faye Peters- Faye Peters who played  Vivian Majozi is probably one of the people who made Generations memorable. It's been a while since we've seen her on television, and maybe it's high time she returns to do what she does best.


  1. Vusi Thanda- Tshawe-  There is not a day where you would watch Emzini Wezinsizwa without laughing at Tshawe’ so- called big English words trying to outshine everyone eRoom 8. Vusi Thanda is one of the th

 Vusi thanda

  1. Keketso Semoko- Ma Agnes was there mother to everyone at Horizon Deep. Semoko started playing the character of nurturing ‘Ma Agnes’ as far back as 1998, the same year the first episode of Isidingo was aired on SABC3. When she left Isidingo in 2014 we were all saddened by these news.
  2. keketso-semoko-isidingo_2-602x338