5 energy efficient ways to keep your house warm this winter

By Faeza
20 May 2016

If you haven’t done any maintenance on your home for a while, take the time to do so now before winter really sets in. Doing so will save you time and money later on home repairs and electricity costs.

In the quest of staying warm and also saving money this winter, here 5 ways to keep your house cosy:

•    Blocking the wind and rain

If you live in the Cape, you’ll know how the icy wind and  rain that pours finds sneaky ways into your house through air leaks in your doors and cracks in your windows. And if you’re up north, you are familiar with the biting cold that seeps in through the floor and walls.

To seal your windows, add caulk or sealant around the window frames. To fix the air leaks in your doors, use foam sealant around the frames of the door.

•    Make use of draft stoppers

For cold that sneaks through underneath the door get a draft stopper and lay it against the bottom of the door on the inside of your home.

•    Create a terracotta pot heater

Fire and candles are a primitive source of heat, but candles cannot provide enough warmth alone. To boost the heat generated from a single candle, you can create a terra cotta pot heater.  According to Pioneer Settles, this baby can heat up and entire room.

•    Make the most of daylight

When the sun is out during the day, open up your curtains and allow the warmth of the sunlight to pour in and naturally heat your home, but remember to close the curtains just before nightfall. Also, invest in thicker curtains to keep the heat in or learn how to line the ones you already own.

•    Cover wooden or tiled floors

According to Sustainable Home Design, 35% of heat is lost through the walls and floors of a house. So cover your floor with rugs, or use some blankets if your budget doesn’t allow for a big splurge on rugs this month