5 minutes with Kenneth Nkosi PART2

By admin
10 October 2013

  1. 8.       5 minutes with Kenneth Nkosi PART2

What is the funniest thing your kids do?

Their reactions when they first saw me on TV really made me laugh.

What makes you sad?

When people don’t believe me.

What is your favourite TV programme?

I like to watch many TV programmes, but now I am enjoying Mzee Wa Two Six, Mzansi, and YoTV on SABC1.

What is your dream car?

BMW X5 is the only car I like.

Do you enjoy eating vegetables?

Not really, I just eat vegetables to keep healthy.

Do you take part in any sport – or are you a couch potato?

Soccer and comedy.

What kind of music do you like?

I am in love with African jazz. This is the only music I listen to.

Do you have a quick joke (suitable for kids)?

Kids as big as I am are jokes themselves.