5 most dangerous countries to live in for women

By Faeza
08 March 2016

woman   In 2011 a Thompson Reuters Foundation Poll revealed the top 5 most dangerous countries to be living in when you're a woman. Each pose their own set of unique problems, but they have one thing in common: Utter disregard for women and women's bodies. The criteria that was looked at include the following:health threats, sexual violence, non-sexual violence, cultural or religious factors, lack of access to resources and trafficking.

Here are the five places where women's live are in the most peril.

5 – Somalia

This country has been ravaged by civil war and lack of government for decades now. It ranks as the fifth most dangerous country for females because of factors such as:

- Rape

- Female Genital Mutilation (usually practiced on girls between 4 and 11)

- High maternity death rate as only 9% of women give birth in hospitals

- Forced child marriage and fatalities resulting from internal trauma from child rape.

And with only 7.5% parliament seats being held by women conditions are unlikely to improve.

4 – India

This is doubly depressing seeing that India’s population is around a billion people which makes it the world’s biggest democracy. By far. The reasons for this are:

-    100 million (mostly women and children) are victims of human trafficking. This includes sex slavery, forced labour and forced marriages.

-    Over the last century over 50 million girls are "missing" due to female foeticide and infanticide.

-    Child marriages - almost half of the female population are married before 18.

3 – Pakistan

Pakistan is rife with cultural, tribal and religious practices which abuse women. Things such as “punishment” through stoning, acid attacks, beatings and forced marriages are at the order of the day and women have nowhere to turn to for help because of an unsympathetic cultural and religious government.

-    According to the Human Rights Commission more than a 1000 women and girls are victims of “honour killings” – which are committed by their families – per year.

2 – The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Congo comes in second mainly because the figures for sexual violence are so high. A country with a shockingly long list of human rights violations, the Congo is still recovering after the war.

-    More than 400 000 women are raped in the Congo each year

-    Rape is used as a weapon and militia gang rape and torture girls as young as three and women as old as 80.

-    Women are forced into becoming soldiers and female soldiers are forced to be sex slaves

1 – Afghanistan

Afghanistan scores highest in terms of non-sexual violence, women-specific health and economic discrimination.

-    According to UNICEF 1 in 11 women die in childbirth

-    Almost 90% are completely illiterate

-    70 – 80% of girls are forced into marriages

To see the sources for this data and to read the full article, please visit trust.org.