5 reasons you’re still unemployed

By admin
29 January 2015

Have you been job hunting with no luck ? Here are some reasons why you could be missing out on your dream job

  • You need to update your CV

As your skills and experience changes, so should your CV.

Make sure your CV matches the requirements of the job, be specific when it comes to your experience and although it is tempting do not lie, if you do get caught out it could ruin your chances of ever working with those people again.

  • You need to match your skills and qualifications to the job

It is important to know what you qualified to do and recognise realistic opportunities. Apply for jobs the match your skills and experience set and use your cover let to highlight how you computable candidate for the job.

  • You need to dress the part

When you go for an interview, prospective employers must be able to imagine you in the position they are in interviewing you for.

  • Mind your manners

While it is important to be yourself, you need to be professional and always put your best foot forward. Being polite and likable can only help you.

  • Check your references

Make sure to put down references who remember who you are and the role you played in their company. Also check with them before putting them down as references .