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5 tips on how to make this Mother’s Day special

By Faeza
06 May 2016

Mother’s Day (8 May) is one day out of the year that is devoted to mothers. On this day mothers and mother figures worldwide are shown appreciation and this appreciation can be shown in a lot of ways such as buying a gift, spending time or simply ensuring that mom doesn’t lift a hand on this special day.

Mothers are nurturers and protectors who put the good health of their families first and understand that prevention is better than cure where germs are concerned.

Dettol wants to share 5 tips on how to make this Mother’s Day special and one she will always remember:

Make her breakfast in bed

Moms are always the ones taking care of us and ensuring that there is food on the table. On this day it is time to take care of her and show appreciation by making her breakfast in the morning accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of flowers or take her out for breakfast.

Put together a special gift basket

The basket should include some of mom’s desired items e.g. lipstick, perfume, sleepers etc. Because it will be a personalised gift it will be much more special than just picking up any gift and she will appreciate the effort and thought that went into putting it together.

All-day spa

Moms rarely have time for themselves, all they do is take care of everyone else but them. Surprise her with an all-day spa voucher where she can relax and be pampered and have some time to enjoy herself.

Take her out for dinner

For a change it would be nice to enjoy food that someone else cooked. Take her out to her favourite restaurant or somewhere she has never been before. Switch off any techy gadgets and give her your undivided attention. Sometimes all mothers want more than all the gifts in the world is spending time with their children.

Take care of home

Mothers always spend time taking care of home and ensuring that their families’ needs are met. On Mother’s Day take over the role of cleaning the house and ensuring that germs are banished from your home just like mom prefers. Dettol has a whole range of products that can be used around the home to keep your family sufficiently protected from germs. Making use of our all-purpose cleaner around the house will decrease the number of germs significantly already.