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5 unlikely ways to de-stress after hours

By Faeza
21 March 2016


Work is stressful. And we sometimes can't help thinking about that looming deadline or all the unread emails. A lot of people bring stress and anxiety home with them.

So what do we do? Well, here are fun and simple ways to de-stress after work:

1.    Read – Get lost in a fictional world, where the only problems and lives you need to worry about are those of the characters in the book. The right book could provide the perfect distraction or escape from stress. If you are looking for the perfect read, check out our amazing book selection.

2.    Colouring in – Who said colouring in was only for kids? But these aren’t the kind with big, silly shapes we were accustomed to colouring in when we were little. No, these pages are filled with intricately designed images that require detail and precision, which helps to destress and calm the mind. Here are 12 adult colouring books you should definitely get.

3.    Baking or Cooking – Baking is one of the most fun, stress-relieving activities, as a baker finds comfort in the aroma of their dish and kneading dough or swirling the spoon can help get rid of your frustrations. According to the Huffington Post, baking enhances our feelings in a positive way and can help calm and destress our minds. Here are some baking recipes to try out.

4.    Cuddle a furry friend – Just looking at their cute faces can have a calming effect and make you happier. Their unconditional and carefree behaviour makes you want to squeeze and kiss them and we cannot help but love them. Don’t have a pet? No problem, visit and volunteer at a local animal shelter.

5.    Play a game – According to Make Use Of, playing video games could improve your mental health, as those who are gamers are more prone to handle stressful situations better and playing violent games can relieve a player’s frustrations.