5 Ways to be a better customer

By admin
04 March 2014

Waiting in ques or trying to fix an issue over the phone can be irrtating but being pleasant and polite can make your life and those of other much easier .

  1. Be friendly to those who help you – A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Whether you’re talking to a clerk, a call centre agent or the manager, always remember your manners.
  2. Be patient – Whether someone is helping you to search for a certain item, or whether you are standing in a queue, sighing, moaning or swearing won’t make the line move any faster or get you any sympathy .
  3. Don't hurry to return items (especially electronics) if you can't figure out how they work - When in doubt, either ask someone first, “follow the instructions” or read the owner’s manual. Don’t just assume that your product “doesn’t work”. It can be very embarrassing when you’re shown you’re wrong or bringing items back one after the other.
  4. Don't take more than 10 items to the 10-items-only express till – And if you do, don't get angry when the cashier sends you to a different till. Not only does this waste your time, it also irritates other people who are waiting to pay in the right line.
  5. Don’t shoot the messenger – It is important that you separate the person in front of you (or on the other end of the telephone) with company policies and procedures. Don’t take it out on the person, who’s only doing their job when you’re not happy about a company-enforced policy.

-Hello Peter