5 ways to pep up your immune system this winter

By admin
07 August 2013

There are many ways to keep your immune system in the best possible working order. Here are five immunity boosters that may surprise you by readersdigest.co.za.

Cherish your friends: Friends have a positive influence on lifestyle choices, as well as offering emotional support. All of these are good news for your immune system and you overall wellbeing.

Know your limits: Persistently taking on more than you can easily manage causes stress, which has a negative impact on health. Learn to say no when you feel overloaded. And if you can’t avoid the stresses in your life, practice relaxation techniques or learn meditation.

Put on a CD: Listening to your favorite music can help your immune system.

Enjoy sex: There seems to be a link between sexual activity and a sense of wellbeing. The reason: having sex provides a healthy boost of IgA protein. Those who were in a close relationship or married were more likely to say they felt in very good health.

Be an animal lover: Stroking a pet not only fulfils the basic human need to touch, but has also been found to benefit the immune system by boosting protective IgA levels.