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6 Affirmations to calm an anxious child

By Faeza
28 April 2016

Anxiety tends to sneak up unexpectedly and turn a peaceful moment into an uneasy situation.

It’s not any different for our kids. It doesn’t matter if your child is prone to anxious feelings often or just gets them out of the blue. Once anxiety reaches the surface, it’s scary.

In our family, weekday mornings can be chaotic

After noticing my son squirming in his seat before school, we started adding affirmations into our morning routine to tame any uneasy feelings. Months later, he now looks forward to saying his affirmations and if I forget to say them, he reminds me. He enjoys them because feels he is in control of his day. Most importantly, at a young age he is realising his thoughts have an effect on his daily life.

Affirmations are a simple, yet effective way to tame anxiety

An affirmation is a positive sentence that reinforces uplifting feelings. It’s based on the principle that the subconscious mind can hold only one thought at a time and will always accept the stronger thought. When repeated, affirmation automatically becomes the stronger thought, so it prevail over negative, anxious thoughts.

Below you’ll find a list of my sons favorite affirmations. Next time your child is feeling anxious, assist them in changing their thoughts from self-defeating negative statements to positive declarations. Pick one affirmation below and repeat it with them 21 times. You’ll be able to feel a positive shift in their mood.

  1. I am relaxed and in control of my feelings
  2. Today is going to be a great day
  3. I am focused and relaxed at all times
  4. I choose to be happy
  5. I get better and better everyday
  6. I am comfortable and calm

These affirmations will teach your child to redirect negative feelings and change their mindset in a matter of minutes.