6 Reasons why you didn’t get the job!

By admin
04 May 2015

Receiving a rejection letter instead of a job offer is a hard pill to swallow; especially when you are desperately looking for work and seem to hit a brick wall every time. There are several reasons why you didn't get the job. Some of those reasons are below so you can reflect and do better next time.

1. You CV and Cover letter were not up to scratch. From past articles, there is no denying that a CV is an important document. To ensure you have a presentable CV, pay attention to spelling and grammar and do your research on current trends to follow for a great CV and cover letter.

2. You were late! It is said that first impressions last, so brush up on your interview etiquette and you’ll thank yourself later. I heard a friend say ‘time is the most valuable commodity on earth.’ Budget your time and make the necessary preparations to be on time for an interview.

3. You dressed like you didn’t care. Make an effort to dress appropriately for the interview. Do your research of the company so that you are neither under or overdressed but are always professional.

4. You bad-mouthed a former employer. In your eyes, your previous boss may have been horrible but think twice about how you answer your interviewer’s question on why you left your previous job. A better answer, for example, would be that you are looking for a new and challenging job opportunity that is more in line with your career goals. The key thing is to prepare properly for an interview so you are in a better position to answer those difficult questions.

5. You didn’t follow up after the interview. Not Following up with a thank you note/email after an interview may be viewed as old fashioned but it’s still good manners and sends the message that you are serious about getting the job and that you acknowledge the time the prospective employer took to meet with you.

6. It’s not you; it’s them! There are times when you have to accept that the interviewer may have felt that you are not a good job fit for their company. If that is the case, move on and target companies where you believe you will be a good fit.

Contributing Writer: Francine Mashabela

Francine Mashabela is a Career Guidance Practitioner and founder of Uniquely U Personal Development and Career Management Services, a company dedicated to assisting individuals and groups with tools for personal development and career growth. She uses her experience in HR and education and training to help clients reach their dream career goals. Francine is also a radio presenter at Impact radio 103 fm.

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