6 Signs that prove you are a committed person

By Faeza
16 March 2016


Are you as committed as you think you are? Here are six signs that can prove that you are a committed individual:

You adapt easily

You are adaptable to any situation, because the goal is more important to you than anything that stands in the way of it. Because you are focused and dedicated you are not a person who will easily give up no matter what situation you are in.

You are very tolerant

Commitment requires tolerance. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will you reach your goal in a single day. You understand that patience and tolerance are two qualities that are required in order for you to ultimately reach your goal.

You are dependable

You are very dependable as a friend or a support system. People in your life know that they can rely on you and that you have and will never let them down.

You are focused

When you put your mind to it, you can make a success of anything. You see the end result in your mind's eye, and you work towards it every day of your life without giving up.

You are passionate

If you are passionate about what you want to do, the battle is already half won. Your love for the project will ensure the correct amount of commitment and dedication, and it will most probably come naturally.

You are straightforward

You speak without filters and you are straightforward and honest - you like to keep things transparent, leaving no place for misunderstandings.