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6 Ways to mend a broken heart

By Faeza
26 May 2016

Six ways to mend a broken heart

When you are in love everything just seems magical - it's all about walking on clouds and butterflies in your stomach  - until it isn't anymore. Love hurts, and the pain of a breakup can get unbearable.

You feel sad and miserable all the time, and these feelings are not easy to deal with, but life goes on, and it's important to try and focus on the good things, surround yourself with positive friends and concentrate on moving on.

If you are currently going through a bad breakup, here are six ways that can assist in mending your broken heart.

Talk about your feelings

Sometimes you just need to get all those feelings out, by talking to someone you can trust, you could get yourself on the path to healing that broken heart. Talking about it, and saying it out loud makes it real, and easier to accept and deal with it.

Go exploring

Stop moping around and get out there - plan a night out, a weekend away with friends or a trip overseas. It will keep your mind off the hurt, and you will realise that there is a life waiting for you out there

Take up a hobby

Let go of the past and start something new. A hobby no matter what, will move your focus onto something else, and you might find that you love it, and its a great place to meet new people.

Listen to music

Avoid depressing and sad music. Do not listen to Adele - instead, create a playlist with uplifting happy songs, and listen to it at top volume, and dance your heart out while you are at it!

Don't be a hater

Forget about your ex - it's not easy, but try to let go. Hating your ex, and festering on all the memories is just unhealthy. Burning his house down or stalking his ex will do you no good either.

Adventure awaits you

Now that you are single - the world is your oyster. Move to a new city, go on a trip to an exciting country, explore life and get to know yourself - who you are without someone else. It could be a very liberating experience.

Written by Annali Van Zyl