66 Gauteng cops fired for crimes, misconduct

By Faeza
10 October 2016

The SA police service in Gauteng has dismissed 66 officers involved in a range criminal offences including attempted murder, kidnapping, corruption, rape and aiding a prisoner’s escape.

"As bad elements are a burden to the police and the community, police will continue to deal effectively with corrupt and criminal elements in the service," Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said in a statement.

Forty-two of the officers had been involved in corruption, robbery, theft, attempted murder, housebreaking and theft, kidnapping, hijacking and possession of stolen motor vehicles, Dlamini said.

The rest were involved in corruption, robberies, aiding prisoners to escape, rape, absence, from work, insubordination as well as defeating the ends of justice.

The officers were dismissed between April and September this year.Dlamini encouraged community members to assist the Saps by reporting officers involved in criminal activities in order to ensure that the police service remained efficient and professional."Taking action against bad elements in the service must be seen  as a commitment  by management  to work towards  a better police service," Dlamini said.

Source: News24