7 Tips to Make Your Eyelashes Thicker and Longer

By Faeza
01 June 2016

1. Oils and Lubricants

Applying a small amount of olive oil or castor oil onto your eyelashes before going to sleep can help in eyelash growth.

2. Lemon Peel

Cut a piece of the lemon peel and put it inside of the olive oil or castor oil. Wait 4-5 days, and then apply lemon-infused oil to the eyelids.

3. Petroleum Jelly

Apply petroleum jelly with a cotton swab and sleep with it on your eyelashes. Wash it off in the morning.

4. Chilled Green Tea

Applying cool green tea to your lashes using a cotton ball is also beneficial for you.

5. Eyelid Massage

Massaging your eyelids gently improves blood flow to the hair follicles and may stimulate growth of lashes.

6. Proper Diet

Consumption of right nutrients and vitamins also promotes the growth of eyelashes.

7. Skip Eyelash Curlers

Give your eyelashes time to recuperate. It’s highly recommended to not use eyelashes curler at least for a month.