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8 essentials that need to be in your hand bag

By Faeza
25 September 2016

AN outfit is not complete without the perfect handbag. But as much as the appearance of

the handbag is important, so is what's inside. With a busy schedule, no woman should ever be caught off guard, so it's important to have these eight essentials in your bag.

Deodorant/spray – This is to keep you fresh and out of ‘sticky’ situations.

Hand lotion – Keep your hands looking moist and healthy no matter where you


Lip moisturiser – Keep your lips moisturised and shiny with a good lip balm.

Tampon – It’s wise to always be prepared for that time of the month.

Hygiene Wipes/hand sanitiser – These can be used to wipe away germs.

Tissues – You can use tissues to blow your nose, dab the face or simply wipe with.

Headache/pain killer tablets – Headaches can strike when you least expect it.

Compact powder - Your face can become oily and will need retouching.