A 63-year-old man stabbed a woman to death on her birthday

By Faeza
17 October 2016

A 63-year-old knife-wielding man stabbed a woman to death on her birthday in Eldorado Park, police and the local CPF said on Friday.

"The woman was celebrating her birthday and they had a few drinks," Eldorado Park Community Policing Forum member Denzil Blignaut said.

He said the man also stabbed a sleeping four-old boy in the back during the party on Thursday. The woman's mother and another person were stabbed in the arm.

The boy’s condition was not immediately known.

"It might be the intake of alcohol that led to the incident, but we can’t confirm the motive," Blignaut said.

According to a local resident who did not want to be named, the man suspected the 43-year-old woman was cheating on him.

Police spokesperson Captain Phillemon Khorombi said the man was arrested shortly after the stabbings. He would appear in court soon.

Source: News24