A calling for call centres

By admin
17 November 2013

What skills do you need to be a call-centre operator?

• High levels of energy. Call centres can be extremely busy and you may not have much time to rest between calls.

• Good knowledge of the technical aspects of your work, for example, if you answer customer queries about insurance, you will need to know as much as possible about your company’s insurance policies. You should receive training in these before you start working.

• Fluency in the required language, which in most cases is English.

• Excellent communication skills.

• A solid working knowledge of the computer package the company uses (in most cases it is MS Word) and data capturing skills. Most employers require the operator to capture information directly on the computer during or after a call has been handled.

• Accuracy.

• Preferably matric, although this may not be a prerequisite.

What is a typical working day?

Your day would be filled by the following: getting hold of customer records, communicating with customers verbally and in writing, getting hold of information, sorting out complaints, listening to and solving problems, and directing queries to the right people if no immediate solution is possible. In short, you take responsibility for the client’s requirements and happiness.