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A God fearing man is great to find

By admin
27 May 2014

A good man may be hard to find , a God fearing man is good to find but a man who knows God is worth the wait says senior pastor at Change bible church Xola Nzo

The first man on earth, Adam, had God as his mentor, friend and leader before Eve came into the picture (see Genesis 1 & 2). A woman was created by God from a man's rib which is part of the case that protects a human being's delicate organs.

Before He brought the woman to the man, God had to first teach Adam to

work so he could take care of what was to be entrusted to him. In essence, God was preparing Adam for a life of responsibility and ensuring that his family is well looked after.

This close relationship between God and Adam points to how a man should enter into a marriage.

A man must:

¦ be open to God’s influence;

¦ obey God;

¦work, and

¦know God personally

Genesis 2 details what happened to the man’s life before he got married and before Eve was created.

¦ God visited the man

for friendship, to grow

man’s strategic thinking

and entrepreneurial


¦ Through these visits,

God told the man that

when he gets married

and has children, he

should teach them to

obey His words.

¦ Man became the important

link between

God and his wife.

should teach them to

obey His words.

should teach them to

obey His words.

Abraham walked with God until he became a friend of God (James 2:23). As a man, you must be willing to start small and live a life of prayer, abstinence, dropping friends with evil influences and going to church until your life becomes a testimony.