A letter to my son's future partner

By Faeza
09 March 2016

pen and paper

Dear future partner, if he still has shortcomings when he's grown up, I hope you can learn to live with them, and love him for the wonderful person that he is ...

The summer of my son's 13th year, I really had trouble liking him.

Too soon? It's that summer now, while I'm trying to write this, so it probably is too soon to say such a thing, right? Also, it's not entirely true. It's not that I'm having trouble liking him per se - it's just that he's driving me crazy. Let me try to start over.

Dear future partner of my son G

I'm sorry.

I'm trying. I really am. But I'm beginning to suspect this absentminded professor thing is neither an act nor something he's going to outgrow. The other day at the lake, I handed him a bag full of water bottles, saying, "I need you to make sure this bag stays upright so the water bottles don't leak."

Two minutes later I found him sitting on a bench, under which the bag was lying on its side, dripping water. "I couldn't make the bag stay up," he explained. I will admit I found myself once again wishing he was just a really dumb person so I could justify these sorts of actions, being able to sigh to my friends, "Well, you can't blame him. He's just always been kind of stupid."

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