A lot people are unable to realise that they are suffering from stress.

By Faeza
17 June 2015

As hard as it may sound but it is not very easy to see that someone or you are suffering from it.

Below are some of the signs of dealing with stress in the wrong way:

·       Drinking Alcohol excessively·       Smoking

·       Always sleeping

·       Watching TV the whole day

·       Angry outbursts

·       Drugs

·       Procrastinating

·       Eating too much or less interest in food

·       Spending a lot of time alone

Below are ways to  deal with stress

1.   Listen to music

2.  Laughing

3.  Exercise

4.  Call a friend

5.  Eat Healthy Food

6.  Get over 7 hours of  sleep

7.  take long deep breathes

8.  Kissing