A match made in Heaven

By Faeza
08 July 2016

WHEN you meet Butho (42) and Yolanda Vuthela (39) you could be forgiven to assume

that theirs was love at first sight. You cannot be blamed for this assumption as the chemistry they share is so evident. Amazingly, Yolanda says that she took a while before accepting Butho’s proposal. The gospel stars, who have been married for 13 years, tell Move! how their love has grown.


“We met in 2000 when we were both in the church choir and I was the lead singer. Before my husband said anything to me, he followed me after choir practice to see where I stayed,” says Yolanda. Butho explains that he was not shy to approach Yolanda but he

needed to see if she was the woman that he was praying for first. “I took my time to look at her and liked what I saw. I wanted someone who would understand me. I prayed to the Lord for a wife and she was exactly what I wanted. She gave me the run around for two years before she actually agreed to go out with me.” Not long after the two love birds started dating, Butho popped the big question. “Within two months of us being

together, my husband proposed. I really thought he was joking but he was serious,” says Yolanda. Butho chips in to say that Yolanda really did not believe him when he asked for her hand in marriage. “He asked me to tell my mother that he was going to send people

for lobola negotiations,” says Yolanda, adding that her strict mother and Butho got along.


“My mother passed away during our wedding preparations in 2002. She gave me her blessings before she passed away and left me with wise words that prepared me for

marriage,” she says. Yolanda adds that losing her mother was not easy but they are

grateful for the other blessings that God has bestowed upon them, including being able to raise their beautiful children in the Lord. “God has blessed us with two girls and a boy,” Butho says. The couple, who do motivational talks, say that discipline and being humble in their marriage have helped them overcome challenges. “We always tell people that we

also face challenges as a couple but God helps us through everything,” says Yolanda.

Butho adds, “We live by this philosophy that when something bad happens, we always focus on the positives.”


Yolanda and Butho tell Move! that they are a praying couple and this has helped them in their marriage. “We speak the same language of Christ and this is how we were both raised,” Butho says. The Eastern Cape-based couple say they both love music. “We

sing together as a couple but we are also individual artists. I have eight albums and my wife has two. She has been nominated in two categories for this year’s Ingoma Awards,” he says. “Through our music, we minster love and unity. Without love and unity in our families, nothing will ever be right,” Yolanda adds.