A sense of humour

By admin
26 December 2013

10 things every woman should have

When you are stressed the last thing you want to do is laugh. But laughter is the best medicine against tension and pain. A good laugh improves your immune system, relaxes your tense muscles and sends more oxygen into your blood, and lowers your blood pressure. Just think how good you feel after a good laugh! Humour gives you a new outlook on your problems. If you can see the lighter side of things, the problem is no longer such a big threat.  Many famous South African comedians use humour to heal. Comedians Desmond Dube, David Kau and Leon Schuster have helped the nation laugh at itself. Through humour they create awareness of South African problems such as crime and HIV/Aids. The famous comedian Bill Cosby made a good point when he said, “If you can laugh at it, you can survive it.”

So, put on Mr Bones or any funny movie, read the comics in the newspaper, or just force yourself to laugh when your sit in the taxi – and feel the stress disappear.