A shopping list could save you money

By admin
21 May 2014

The more organised your shoping trip is , the more money you save and the more likely you are to bring home all the things you need .

Making a shopping list can actually save you money if you stick to what's on the list and you can limit your shopping trips to just one if you can get everything you need . Here are some easy tricks to making the best of your shopping trip .

  • Make a list , it's makes a difference to plan your shopping trip . Check your cupboards and your fridge , your bathrooms and your handbag and make a list of all the things you'll need for the month .
  • Stick to the list , Only visit the isles you need to visit . Walking through a store isle by isle is not only a waste of time but there is also a lot of temptation to buy things you don't really need .
  • Only go shopping once . Try and get all the things you need in one trip and avoid quickly going to the shops at random times because it costs transport money