A song that helped shape a nation

By Faeza
20 September 2016

The song that united a nation in dance, Mandoza’s Nkalakatha was undoubtedly one of the most historical songs to be produced in Mzansi.

When Nkalakatha dropped in 2000 with that hard-hitting bass, it changed the kwaito genre forever, leaving no dance floor empty when it was played, it soon became a township anthem.

It didn’t take long for it to progress into our own national party anthem, that was colour blind and every race enjoyed the song.

The jam was dropped at a time when South Africa was learning to unite and adapt to its newly formed democracy.

Mandoza and Gabi Le Roux’s creation was more than just a party anthem, it was the perfect anthem to represent a rainbow nation.

The kwaito legend will be laid to rest on Saturday, 24 September.