Addiction – the struggle

By admin
29 October 2013

Delinah Gwe works with young and old to try and help those who are struggling with addiction.

Tell us what your centre’s mission is.

Thembelitsha rehabilitation centre was started in 1994 to help those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Thembelitsha means new hope – and that is what we want to give the people of Umtata.

What kind of addictions?

We mainly focus on hard drugs like mandrax, cocaine and glue.

Why did you become involved with this centre and what is your role there?

As a student many years ago, I wanted to be a volunteer. When I came to Thembelitsha centre, I did not even know what substance abuse was. I was so impressed with the centre because they trained me to help in different departments. After six months of volunteering, I loved my job and wanted to stay on. The centre was having difficulties employing a social worker and they decided to train me. I did social work services for three years. Then I became a counselling officer for patients who had left the centre and had to try living without the drugs or alcohol. Today, I am the acting director of the centre.