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Adidas has launched a new urban football centre in SA

By Faeza
24 March 2017


THE BASE Jo’burg is the ultimate football venue - the only place in South Africa where players can play multiple formats of the game, test quality adidas product, watch some of the countries’ best talents and their favourite professional teams weekly.

The facility has a variety of unique features made to match the way the game is played today. These include 4-a-side and 2-a-side pitches, Pana court, media room, dedicated skills area and a game room.

“We saw the need of a place where young footballers can grow and showcase their creativity and flair of the game. An opportunity for us to interact with our core consumer, not just at a store level but a way to experience the brand on a more personal level.” said Adrian de Souza, Head of Football at adidas South Africa.

“This is a new chapter. A way to inspire creators to change the game, not only giving them the tools but a platform  to create and inspire a new generation of footballers from all walks of life.” he said.

Unlike other countries, adidas South Africa has a stepped up the game, introducing an interactive digital element to THE BASE. Players will be registered through fingerprint recognition technology, which will track entries to the venue, as well as each player’s in-game statistics.

Aiming to make it more accessible, the venue will be available free of charge to schools, and open to all from Wednesday – Sunday, 3pm until late, opening earlier on weekends.